Legacy linen twill has a lovely hand, tightly woven but smooth to the touch, sturdy but not bulky or stiff. This is artisan linen, created for its high quality, not quantity production. I was immediately drawn to the linen’s color, a luscious creamy white. This is not a dull, flat cream that will just limp along as a background color. This cream is brisk and vivacious and just begging to be the backdrop for your next embroidery. Use this linen whenever you are in the masterpiece mode, you will not be sorry.

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TW-1 one yard 62” x 36”‡ $84
TW-2 Stitcher’s half 31” x 36”‡ $43
TW-3 Stitcher’s quarter 15” x 36″‡ $22
TW-4 Stitcher’s eighth 15” x 18”‡ $12
‡ indicates the location of the selvedge.