Strathaven linenRemember the beautiful furnishing weight linen that used to be used in high quality crewel kits back in “the old days”? Well, here it is and it’s a crewel embroiderer’s dream come true. This is a plain weave linen (over, under, over, under) that is capable of looking good when the background for any historical period, including today! It comes in two colors – cream and natural. The cream is very similar to the twill in color, while the natural reminds me of pale oatmeal flakes. Both linens are consistent in their weaves – there are very few pesky slubs so prominent in lesser quality fabrics. This will become your workhorse linen, the one you reach for when the itch to stitch becomes too great.



STC-1 one yard cream 54” x 36”‡ $46
STC-2 Stitcher’s half cream 27” x 36”‡ $24
STC-3 Stitcher’s quarter cream 27” x 18”‡ $12
STC-4 Stitcher’s eighth cream 13” x 18″‡ $8
‡ indicates the location of the selvedge.
STN-1 one yard natural 54” x 36”‡ $46
STN-2 Stitcher’s half natural 27” x 36”‡ $24
STN-3 Stitcher’s quarter natural 27” x 18″‡ $12
STN-4 Stitcher’s eighth natural 13” x 18”‡ $8
‡ indicates the location of the selvedge.