Evertites are absolutely fantastic! These stretcher bars have a built in mechanism on all four corners that enables you to adjust the tension of your canvas or linen without removing it from the frame.  Made of extremely durable wood, they will last for years. I already have a pair I have used three times and they are just as smooth and sturdy as ever.

You will need a T-tool for adjusting the tension, but it can be used for any size bars. It has an extra large handle which enables you to fine tune the tension without fumbling with a tiny wrench.  One twist of the T-tool at all four corners will push the stretcher bars outward and tighten up your work in a nanosecond.  Other features include mid-point lines embossed on the top edge for accurate attachment of your work. And, each bar has its length clearly marked at the end.  No more searching for a tape measure to measure mystery bars.

Be sure to have an ample supply of the Grande Tacks for securely attaching your work. The larger size make them user friendly. Grande Tacks are slightly larger (and stronger!) than most tacks and for that reason work very well on the Evertite stretcher bars.  Be sure to have a metal tack remover handy to pop out the tacks when your piece is complete.




5″ $13.00
6″, 7″ $14.00
8″, 9″ $14.50
10″, 11″ $15.00
12″, 13″   $15.50
14″, 15″ $16.00
16″, 17″ $16.50
18″ $17.00
19″, 20″ $18.00
T-tool $6.50
Grande Tacks $5.50


Postage for these items is charged according to the weight of the package, not by the value. If you absolutely need to know the postage fee before we ship your package please email for an estimate. Otherwise, be assured that we will use the cheapest and safest method to get your order to you.