Counted Thread

  • CT-5 Best of Friends – Our lovers stand hand-in-hand for the artist in their fine-looking attire. A charming pose, indeed. The kit includes the linen, silk floss, felted wool, needle, and full instructions.
  • I have always loved what the Mosaic stitch does for Pearsall’s silk. Each part of each stitch develops a beautiful sheen which gives a truly luxurious edge to your stitching. Kit includes the linen for both front and back, silk, needles, and instructions.
  • Some designs never loose their spark. And these have been sparking since the late 80’s!  Originally stitched on 18 count Aida with DMC floss, they are perfect for an update to 35 count linen and Pearsall’s silk. Or maybe some of the new overdyes! The mind boggles. Charts only.
  • A Blast from the Past! Small vignettes of fauna and flora reminiscent of 18th century pastoral scenes. Chart pack includes all four graphs and the overdyed floss for the sky. These will make great pincushions or tabletop pictures. Barbara stitched the originals on congress cloth using tent (petit point, half cross) stitch, but linen could just as easily be used.  You could also stitch them in cross stitch over 1 on linen, or — for small pillows, do cross stitch over 2.
  • Stitch a charming pincushion and scissors fob. Worked in Pearsall’s silk on 35-count cream linen, this counted thread pair will be an elegant addition to your stitching accoutrements! The kit includes the instructions, linen, and silks to stitch one pincushion and one scissors fob in your choice of soft red or blue hues, with willow green stems and leaves.
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